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NEWS: Melinda Hamilton invited to The White House

Melinda Hamilton, a mother who lost her daughter, brother, and grandson to gun violence, has become an advocate for change. She was invited by the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to share her story in Washington, D.C., with other mothers who have experienced similar losses. This meeting was part of a larger initiative to tackle and prevent gun violence...


END THE Gun Violence

I am Melinda Hamilton and I have been actively involved in the community for over 15 years. I am the President of Carver Heights East NA, President of the East Fort Worth Neighborhood Coalition, and I am a community activist. I am the founder of Mothers of Murdered Angels, an organization dedicated to assisting families during crisis including death, imprisonment, funeral arrangements, and more.

The inspiration of Mothers of Murdered Angels.

I have experienced gun violence in loosing my brother (Murdered in 1980), my daughter (Murdered in 2017), and my grandson (Murdered in 2020 at 19 years old). That was IT!! At that point, I decided enough is enough.

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Our Mission

Mothers of Murdered Angels (MOMA) is a Texas-based Organization founded by Melinda Hamilton. Our goal is stopping gun violence. MOMA's mission is to advocate for victims' rights and justice.

There is no greater pain of a Mother or Father (survivor) having to bury their child.

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Fighting for the right to live.

Gun Violence Archive - Texas

Gun violence is a daily tragedy affecting the lives of individuals around the world. More than 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms.

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LaKeisha Mackey-Hamilton

My name is LaKeisha Mackey and I am working side by side with the founder of MOMA, MeLinda Hamilton. I represent my only son who was a victim of gun violence on February 6, 2020.

Jenny from St. Louis

My five year old was killed in 2019 by an 8 year old.

Beatrice from Chicago

My son was killed by his ex-wife 2019, 24 years old.

Bethany from California

My five year old was killed by an 8 year old 2012.

Mary Joe

My daughter 22 was missing for 2 days found dead on the side of the road 2018 she was 20 years old.

Joanne from Lakeside

My twenty-year-old son try to break up a fight and got stabbed 2017.

Gilman from Montana

My 15 year old daughter was shot in 2018 still don't know who did it.

Donna from Atlanta

My daughter was 23 years old was shot by her boyfriend 2019.

Parker, Ohio

My son was shot in the head car pulled up no arrest made yet 2017.

Valerie, Minnesota

My son 21 was trying to help girlfriend's needs and got shot twice 2020.

Pauline, Texas

Son 23 car pulled up and shot three times 2020.

Ricky Georgia, Atlanta

Son 22 years, father was on the porch and my son was shot in the front yard by a drive-by 2018.

Mothers of Murdered Angels (MOMA) will reach survivors of a wide range to help them recover from ordeals relating to gun violence and empower them to secure a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.


Help survivors have the will, faith, and support to press forward and help others.

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Gun violence kills. Fight for what you believe in.

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